Here you will find all rules and statutes of association, as well as updated information from the board.

Information from the board:

Increased rental rates.

As of 01.01.2019 the following rental prices increase:

Joint expenses/net rent:

Increased by 2.5%, due to provision for pipe renewal.


Outside: increased to 100kr per month.

In garage: increased to 250kr per month.


For residents: from 1 500kr to 1 800kr per weekend.

For others: from 2 500kr to 3 500kr per weekend.


For residents: from 500kr to 750kr.

For others: from 750kr to 1 000kr.

Volunteer work lists.

The dealine for delivering volunteer work lists are 01.10.2019.

Liquidation of cash payments

As of: 01.06.2017 we will no longer handle cash at the board office.

  • No cash at the board office.
  • No possibility to pay with cash.
  • All payment must be done with credit card.
  • All refunds are made via the bank.
  • Deposits will be transferred to the account.

Regarding lock-in etc.

For those who need the help of the caretaker to lock themself in their own apartment: Weekdays at. 8:00 to 15:00 pm. FREE inquiries to the caretaker's office. Tel. +47 55 18 06 88